Artist Collaboration x VideoStamps

Artist Collaboration x VideoStamps

National Call for Artists!

We’re excited to announce that we are searching for more artists to collaborate with for our unique video greeting cards.

How many times have you received a card and just thrown it away? We know we have! That’s why we invented VideoStamps…so that it would be so personal that your loved ones would want to keep the card forever. 

From this, we started growing and thinking about new designs as our customers wanted to see more. Since we are big art lovers…that got us thinking…how can we support artists and also give our customers a VideoStamp greeting card like no other? 

…drumroll, please…

Introducing…VideoStamps greeting cards made by artists! 

We are looking for beautiful new card designs beyond what we can make ourselves. 

Top 5  reasons why having art around us helps us:

  1. It has the potential to reignite you or increase your imagination
  2. Art brings positivity in the world and helps brighten our environment
  3. It brings people together because of the types of emotions it can elicit
  4. It’s a unique novelty and gift for a loved one to cherish
  5. Its value can increase over time

In essence, when you purchase one of our artist-made greeting cards, you are purchasing art that you can keep forever. And when you give one of our cards to a loved one, the card in itself is a gift! 

Below are three amazing LA-based artists we currently collaborate with:

Even though we are headquartered in LA, we realized that there are so many artists all over the country. We didn’t want to limit ourselves in finding the perfect artist to collaborate with. 

Our minimum qualifications for to be considered for a collaboration:

  • Social media following of 20,000 followers or more (particularly on IG)
  • A website or link to your portfolio
  • High Res Professional Photos of Your Artwork

If you fit all these and you think your art would be a great fit to turn into VideoStamps greeting cards, here’s what you’d do:

If we think your art could be a great fit, we will contact you and send you an agreement. Once signed, we will curate a handful of your designs to feature on the fronts of several greeting cards. We will design the cards for you and then send to you for approval. 

The inside will be where a customer can attach a personalized video. Plus, we give ample space for customers to write a message if they’re so inclined to.

Top 4 reasons to collaborate with us:

  1. We sell to consumers and wholesalers and share the profits (you get a commission on sales)
  2. We create a landing page to highlight your artistry and showcase your designs
  3. We share your work on social media helping increase your exposure
  4. We offer you an option to be a reseller by getting a 50% discount on all of our products

Apply Today!

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