My inspiration is to love, engage, and elevate the human spirit, one heart, one paintbrush, and one community at a time.

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Nooshin Farahpour

Born in Tehran and growing up close to the Alborz mountains, her childhood was immersed in nature. Her teenage years coincided with the revolution in Iran, leaving her options limited to expressing herself as a young woman. Via her perch on the cherry trees she observed everyday life, but when she climbed just far enough, she was in a world without limits. The isolated state of looking within the space of the tree became the rapturous inspiration for her artistic vision. This is when her intuitive understanding of allover abstraction began. After Nooshin migrated to the United States, she continued to focus on the space between nature and abstraction, between her cultural heritage and an environmental connection. Her loose representation of those years spent up in the cherry trees meet at the intersection of the symbolic and the sublime. She paints lived experience exalted as memories yet manifested as buoyant abstraction, saturated in the pursuit of the natural world’s authenticity.


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Nooshin Farahpour

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