Valentine’s Day VideoStamps- Let us count the ways.

Valentine’s Day VideoStamps- Let us count the ways.

Valentine's Day and VideoStamps video greeting cards are a perfect match. There are many ways to tell your loved one how you feel. Let us help you get the creative juices flowing!

Remember Valentine’s Day when you were a kid? Simple, colorful cards we’d give to all our classmates with “Will you be mine?” and little candy hearts. But did you know that the modern version of our romantic Valentine’s Day started way back in the 14th century. And some feasts of “Saint Valentine” (there were two or more Saint Valentine’s actually) date back hundreds of years earlier. Saint Valentine is also the patron saint of beekeepers and fainting, aka honey and swooning. 

Suffice it to say that for a long, long time February the 14th has been a day for lovers to embrace, singles to hope, and a chubby Cupid to shoot arrows through the hearts of the unexpecting. And did you know that on February 14th, 2023…

  • 145 million cards will be sent (second only to Christmas)
  • 250 million roses will be given
  • 8 billion of those heart shaped candies will be shared 
And now VideoStamps video cards will also be available to make your Valentine’s gift even more special. There are two to choose from and either will have them breathless with anticipation.  What will your video message say? (Or what will you do?) Here are some of the fun, interesting ways you can use a VideoStamp this Valentine’s Day.

Say what you have trouble saying in person.

Sometimes we all get a little shy and tongue-tied when we’re actually sitting there in front of someone we care about. Like those three little words that mean so much but can be so hard to say out loud. Use a VideoStamp Valentine’s Card to finally say what you’ve wanted to say! But we highly recommend you say it in person too 😊.

Sing a love song.

The most popular love songs on user-generated playlists for Valentine’s Day include generations of artists, from Legend, Swift, Sheeran, and Bieber to Elvis, Whitney, Elton, and Etta. That now includes you! Even if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, a heartfelt acapella version of “I will always love you” will have your loved one crying tears of joy (or laughter… both are good!). You only have 30 seconds, though, so jump right to the hook. 

VideoStamps are private, so let it all hang out.

The only person who can view your VideoStamp video clip is the person you send it to. It’s completely private and can’t be shared (unless they show it to their friends, Yikes!). That means you can have some sexy fun with your video (wink, wink, nudge nudge…).

Recite a love poem.

When you know how you feel but don’t have the words, use someone else’s! From Browning to Donne to Neruda to Keats and the Great Bard himself, there are dozens of classic love poems that can turn you into a master romantic. To get you started, you might compare them to a summer’s day or simply count the ways you love them. 

Have fun with your single friends.

Whether you’re single or not, you can accentuate the positive aspects of being single. Send them a gift with a video greeting, wishing them a new romance or tell a silly Valentine joke (“I once fell in love with someone who only knew 4 vowels. They didn’t know ‘I’ existed.”) 

Or go big and host a singles party. Use VideoStamps for the most singles-friendly invitations of all with bad pickup lines, then they have to reply with one of their own. 

Parents, surprise your kids with a Valentine’s Day “I Love You”.

If your kids have a smartphone, sneak a VideoStamp Valentine’s card into their lunchbox or backpack. A cute video for your kids will remind them who loves them most.

If you forget Valentine’s Day, VideoStamps can save the day!

If you wait until the last minute, you will miss the Love Boat. Flowers will be sold out. Restaurants will be booked. Romantic staycation hotels will be full. But even if you do drop the ball, a VideoStamp can help bail you out. It’s a thoughtful way to tell your loved one how sorry you are and that you’ll make it up to them. Just in case, order your VideoStamp card now, because if you do forget, you’ll have a backup.

It’s an unexpected surprise.

Flowers, Candy, Jewelry… in that order, are the most popular gifts to go along with those 145 million cards. But there’s one thing that could make this Valentine’s Day even more unforgettable? A VideoStamp. The unexpected thrill of getting that secret video message will have your special someone smiling happily and maybe even naughtily.

No matter what you do, a VideoStamp will turn this Valentine’s Day into one February the 14th you will both remember. Just add a Video Greeting or Video Clip to your Valentine cards and gifts!


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