15 Ways (and counting!) You Can Use VideoStamps.

15 Ways (and counting!) You Can Use VideoStamps.

Choosing VideoStamps video greeting cards is a no-brainer when it comes to the best video messaging product available. Using a QR code and some techy magic, a VideoStamp lets you add a personal video message to anything you can stick a stamp to or attach a card to. It’s easy to use, inexpensive, doesn’t require any downloadable app, and it doesn’t store any personal information! No email or phone number required! And VideoStamps allows whoever receives the stamp to send a reply message back to you. What’s not to love?

Whether you’re together, across town, or across the country, a VideoStamp makes the perfect gift even better and useful for so many different things! Here are just a few of our ideas.

Use them for Holidays all year round

You can use VideoStamps for every holiday, all year round.

Holiday Gift-Giving - Use a VideoStamp instead of the old “To/From” tags on all your holiday gifts.

Holiday Cards - Whatever kind of card you use, like a family photo or a simple “Holiday Greetings” card, just add a VideoStamp video greeting and make it more personal and memorable. Make your family photo come alive with a festive video for all your family and friends!

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day - Mom and dad will smile even more on their special days when they see you and their grandkids on their phones, thanks to VideoStamps.

Valentine’s Day - Flowers and jewelry are always nice, but now you can send an unexpected surprise! Send a video love note (it’s private, wink-wink…) and let them know how you really feel.

Special Occasions - Make every special occasion even more memorable and heartfelt with VideoStamps video message.

Anniversaries - If you’re like everyone else, you may have forgotten one or two? But just remember… 1st is paper. 5th is wood. 10th is aluminum. Aluminum?? Yep. Whatever year it is, make it golden with a VideoStamp video clip.

Birthdays - Make every gift more meaningful! Sing “Happy Birthday. Tell a funny story. Let them know how much they mean to you.

Graduations – From pre-school to college and all the milestones in between, tell them how proud you are of what they’ve accomplished.

Weddings – Buy them a gift from their registry, but then make it truly memorable with a VideoStamp. Raise a glass and make your own video “toast.” And if you’re the bride and groom, put several VideoStamp cards on each table so everyone can send their congratulations to the happy couple!

Showers – Weddings mean bridal showers and, eventually, baby showers. Make either or both even more fun and festive with your special video message.

Congratulations – When someone deserves recognition for a job well done, an accomplishment, or accolade, a VideoStamp video greeting is perfect to let them know you’re their biggest fan.

Condolences – For the times when a hug is needed but you can’t be there, a VideoStamp let’s them know you’re thinking of them during hard times. Again, if you’re sending flowers, look for VideoStamps on your florists’ website or ask about VideoStamps.

When you want to be there but can’t

Video Instructions– For your house sitter, dog walker, plant waterer, housekeeper, or caregiver, you can use a VideoStamp to leave instructions and even a detailed how-to video for more important tasks.

Say “Thanks” literally! – From a Teacher Appreciation to a favorite coach or just someone who deserves a “thank you,” a VideoStamp video card lets them know they’ve done a great job, like the mailman who always gives your dog a treat!

Video Notes - Leave a friendly note for family and friends. Remind the kids to do their homework, tell a friend “hello”, remind someone you’re thinking of them.

Anytime you want to send a hand-written note but don’t have time, a VideoStamp is the next best thing.

VideoStamps for Businesses and Brands

Because VideoStamps is a two-way messaging platform, it can provide instant first-party feedback for a service or product. Think of all the ways your business could benefit!

There are so many ways you can use VideoStamps. And once you get started, you’ll find even more ways to use them. Get VideoStamps today to use for all occasions and send them what matters most. You.

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