New VideoStamps Variety Pack is Here!

New VideoStamps Variety Pack is Here!

You said you wanted it and we listened! VideoStamps new Variety Pack is here, and it’s our best deal yet. We designed this pack with versatility in mind, so you’ll be ready for any occasion. The variety pack comes with 5 VideoStamps on one sheet -  two “gift” designs, one “heart” design for your special someone, one “flower” design (Mother’s Day, just sayin’), and one generic design that’s good for anything and everything.

The holidays were just a gift-giving warm up. Now, let’s talk about giving gifts as we head into springtime. Just between now and the end of June, we have Easter, Purim, Eid al-Fitr, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and lots more you can think of.  There will also be non-holiday occasions such as graduations, birthdays, weddings, bridal and baby showers, retirements, appreciation days, and all kinds of year-round occasions that VideoStamps are just right for. Check out these fun ideas!

In the Valentine’s Day Doghouse?

If you missed Valentine’s Day, we did our best to help! But now, you can use our heart design VideoStamp to get you out of the doghouse! The Heart VideoStamp is also a wonderful way to remind someone you love and cherish just how much they mean to you (and say “sorry” for forgetting Valentine’s Day). You don’t even need a gift (although it might be a good idea!). Just make a VideoStamps video surprise they will find in a suitcase if they’re traveling for work, as they go about their day, or even under their pillow at night. Remember, VideoStamps are completely private, so use your imagination…

Brighten the day of someone far away.

If your loved one or a dear friend is far away, send them a friendly card with a VideoStamp. Remind them of a time you spent together and ideas for an upcoming get together. Maybe it’s a friend you know who just needs a video “hug.” Depending on your relationship, you can use the heart, flowers or generic stamp and make a personalized video just for them.

Moms love flowers.

Daughter and Mother

Did you know Mother’s Day is the third most popular day for sending cards? 113 million cards were sold in 2022. Only Christmas and Valentine’s Day are more popular card-sending holidays.  No matter what you are going to give her this year, the flower VideoStamp might be the best gift of all because it’s you. And if you have kids, she probably wants to see her grandkids even more, right? We love you, Mom!

April is packed with holidays.

April is also when people of different backgrounds and beliefs will celebrate important holidays on which gifts are given, especially Easter, Purim, and Eid al-Fitr. While chocolate Easter bunnies will be flying off the shelves, all kinds of other parties, social gatherings, and festive meals, will be highlighted with gifts. The VideoStamps Variety Pack will ensure your gifts can include a reminder that giving gifts is more important than getting them.

Happy Birthday to them!

Thanks to social media, you probably get daily reminders for people having birthdays. While some of your close friends, family and loved ones will be getting gifts (or a Venmo cash equivalent), you may not want to give gifts to everyone when a card will do. With VideoStamps, you can send a birthday card with a personal video message that reminds them you’re thinking of them on their special day. Of course, attach one to any birthday gift you give and sing your best “Happy Birthday.” (Try Stevie W’s version if you have the pipes!).

Pomp and circumstance.

Springtime also means graduations. Lots and lots of graduations. For young people, this is a huge moment, even if it’s from preschool to first grade. Regardless, the matriculation, this is your opportunity to congratulate them and offer up a personal video of advice and encouragement.

Weddings and Showers

Okay, VideoStamps are so much fun for weddings and showers. The gifts range from practical to hilarious to thoughtful to “what the heck is that?” Whatever your gift may be, a VideoStamp is going to make it more memorable. Remember it’s private, so you can get as crazy as you want.

If you’re a bride-to-be or a wedding planner, we have something coming soon that can take your special day to the next level. It’s something you’ll definitely want to have at your wedding, so check back soon for our VideoStamps wedding package or reach out to us at

Everything else you can think of.

VideoStamps are a simple way to just let people know you’re thinking of them. Stick one in your teenager’s lunch or on the fridge to enjoy when they get home. Attach a VideoStamp to any card you send. They’re also perfect for appreciation days for teachers and co-workers, retirements, and sympathy messages. 

Get your VideoStamps Variety Pack (or several!) today, and you’ll be ready for whatever holiday or occasion comes up next. 

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