March is Employee Spirit Month!

March is Employee Spirit Month!

Employee Spirit Month is about making employees happy, and VideoStamps can help. 

March is officially “Employee Spirit Month.” That means it’s time for employers, bosses, and HR peeps to help their employees feel better about their jobs, raise their morale, reward their efforts, and give them a pat on the back for a job well done.

Employee Spirit Month is all about creating happy employees, and happy employees are better employees, better for you, and better for your company. And VideoStamps can help!   

Why are happy employees better?

A recent article from Zippia (a company for recruiters and job seekers) suggests that happy employees are, not surprisingly, more productive by 13%. It’s also important to note that…

  • They make more sales if they are on the sales side (37%)
  • They create more satisfied and loyal customers (10-30%)
  • They are 41% less likely to be absent

And, when you compare happy employees directly with unhappy employees, they are 44% more likely to remain in their current positions. For all the employers, bosses and HR people out there, this reduces...

  • Hiring costs
  • Stress on your hiring team
  • The cost of onboarding new hires

It also means your happy employees are more engaged with the company, which increases the time they spend working, their effectiveness at work, and their ability to collaborate as one of the team. Not to mention it increases their likelihood of recommending the company to prospective candidates for hire. Not bad for a little bit of effort on your part. So, how do you make employees happy?


Happy employees need to feel satisfied in their jobs, and the number one most important criterion for job satisfaction is “respect”. Over two-thirds of survey respondents indicated that being respected for the work they do is key for job satisfaction over “meaning” (35%) and even “salary” (20%). But being satisfied with their job isn’t the only thing that makes them happy. Happy employees also tend to work for companies that…

  • Pay them more
  • Provide a clear path for company advancement
  • Work in a great company culture
  • Offer a meaningful work/life balance

Of course, there are the other usual things that can make someone unhappy with their jobs, like a long commute, hating their boss, irritating co-workers, boring work routine, and the list goes on. Some of these things you can control, others you can’t. And by the way, the above bullet points are some of the ways you can make them MUCH happier. Maybe “Employee Spirit Month” is also a good time for a pulse check to see how happy your employees truly are.

How can VideoStamps help?

VideoStamps are a fun way to improve morale by offering a personal, one-to-one message to employees. Record a message for each person (or that employee of the month). Make it heartfelt or funny or whatever (appropriate) comes to mind. Remember, they can send a message in return, and hopefully it’s a genuine thanks and not a resignation video.

Here are some ways you can use VideoStamps to create happy employees.

Make it a party
Throw an “Employee Spirit Month” party with a catered lunch and cards for each employee. Stick a VideoStamp to each card with a personal message telling each person how much you value the work they do.

VideoStamp “Easter Eggs”
Hide VideoStamps around the office, each with a different video giving the lucky finder a prize, like a day off, a gift card, or a “Benjamin” or two.

VideoStamp “Prize Tree”
Instead of hiding them all over the place and risking some not being found, draw a tree on a posterboard and put the VideoStamps like leaves on the tree. Employees each get one.

Just give them VideoStamps
It’s the easy path, but the gesture will still put a smile on their face. Give each person a bunch of VideoStamps to use as they choose. 

Be the “Happy Employee”
Leave a VideoStamp message for your boss and co-workers and tell them how much you appreciate them and the work they do. Spread some love and happiness, and you’ll get it back in return.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers
Anyone on your team who works with outside clients can use VideoStamps to reach out to their clients and thank them for their business and long standing relationship. A little springtime, VideoStamp “sunshine” will pay it forward!

VideoStamps “Suggestion Box”
Co-workers can have some friendly VideoStamp banter making suggestions for one another and for the company. A tanning bed in the breakroom? Team meetings at the beach. Beer pong Fridays anyone? Give prizes for the best “suggestions.” 

VideoStamp “Telephone” and more!

Remember “telephone” where someone whispers a phrase to someone else who whispers it to someone else, and so on until it gets to the last person? Try it with a bunch of VideoStamps! You can do stories, too, where one person starts a story and each person adds another sentence of the story. On the final VideoStamp, everyone gathers around to watch. Or have a VideoStamp competition - who has the best joke or best dance move. 

VideoStamps are versatile, fun, easy to use, and kind of addictive. Once you start using them, you’ll think of a bajillion ways of using them. Put them on birthday cards and gifts, flowers for your mom, wedding gifts, and yes, employee appreciation opportunities like Employee Spirit Month!

So, for Employee Spirit Month, be sure and treat your employees to something special. It’s an important part of creating a healthier company culture that will be rewarding for everyone. Making someone happy is always a good thing, and VideoStamps will put a smile on their face every time.

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